7 Best Language Learning Software

From ancient times, languages have played an important role in setting up the foundational structure of society. 

Whether it is sign language or verbal language, every act of transmitting thoughts from one mind to another is a form of language. A huge diversification is there in terms of language, communication, and culture. 

Although every region has its specific language, there is one language that has been accepted by a majority of people all around the world.

Yes it’s English language.

Corporate language, International language are some of the synonyms of the English language. It is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. 

As English is a widely spoken language, it opens a lot of new ways for your growth.

If you’ve thought of learning a new language like english, Japanese or spanish, but confused about where to start learning then you can use a language learning software.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a list of best language learning software that you can use to learn any new language at your convenience.

These software’s can be accessed freely from various devices; laptop, desktop, and mobile and are available for both Android and IOS platforms.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive into it.

7 Best Language Learning Software


Duolingo - Language learning software

You must have been aware of this platform before.

Isn’t it?

If you are interested in developing fluency in a new language, Duolingo can help you with its versatile learning and authentic information.

Duolingo is one of the most prominent top language learning software among passionate language learners.

But will this work for you? Let’s figure that out.

We will also attach its pros and cons but before that let’s understand what exactly is Duolingo’s significance? 

One research data has also claimed that Duolingo has a high efficacy rate. Its high efficacy rate tells the importance of using this application for learning a new language for new learners. 

It’s easy to navigate throughout this software due to its simplified user interface and minimalistic design, which looks efficient.

This application also consists of a list of topics that progressively get harder. The topics are curated in such a way that everyone can get a space to learn and practice. 

For English, it has a great list of lessons containing valuable information starting from the beginner to advnaced level.

So, if you are a beginner English learner who wants to learn things most systematically and effectively, Duolingo is the right option for you. 

  • All information is free to access
  • It has an easy and efficient design
  • Provides timely assignments and tests to track your progress
  • It enables you to have an authentic English learning certificate on completion of one English test
  • Besides English, you can also learn other languages if you want
  • Adults may find this software too easy
  • You can learn vocabulary but learning advanced grammatical topics is very difficult on Duolingo
  • Beginners would love Duolingo, Advanced-level learners might not find it that much useful



Fluenz is an amazing language learning software for all serious English learners. It was started in Shanghai with a linguistic model to provide English speakers with fluency in Mandarin. 

The starting of Fluenz was quite dramatic, some students due to their bad experience with teachers and education policy found this application, after spending a large amount of time on learning how they can make this application worthy for everyone willing to learn the English language. 

Fluenz provides a one-on-one teaching experience in the English language.

The learning structure consists of five levels, and each level is further broken down into 30 small yet efficient sessions, which go up to 1 hour each.

The best part about Fluenz is that it does not look like a game. You would get the feel of learning something from an authentic source, this does not mean that it is highly technical.

The user interface is pretty easy to navigate. You can learn at your pace. Also, it does not have any time limit, points, or fun animations.

You would get a simple design with amazing information to be fluent in the English language. It is one of the most dedicated apps for serious English learners. 

Let’s see what are its pros and cons that you should keep in mind before opting for this platform. 

  • The tutorials are highly informative and beneficial
  • It provides amazing grammar explanations, which is good for beginners
  • You can listen to podcasts on Fluenz for on-the-spot learning
  • It’s a balanced blend of instruction and a self-paced learning approach
  • It provides high-quality videos and information
  • It is not free, the subscription could be expensive
  • It can be boring for those who have developed a habit of using gamified platforms



It’s another wonderful language learning software that can help you learn the English language effectively & efficiently. You can learn amazingly through reading, listening, writing, watching, and Babble.

It is an application built to sharpen your language skills by providing you with the best learning resources online in the comfort of your home.

Babble is equipped with different features including live & interactive online classes, fun-learning games, informative videos, on-the-go podcasts, and a lot more.

These activities are aligned in such a way that you get the best out of them. 

With its modern software, Babble can help you learn English easily as its excellent course structure teaches you how to speak a new language effortlessly from scratch.

You will get a comprehensive experience of learning the English language from the best instructors on live lectures. 

Babble is so confident about its program that it has offered a 20-days money-back guarantee for all the learners, if they don’t like the course they will get their money back.

This Platform provides out of the box content by inculcating cultural values along with the required language skill.

Babble understands the need for learning everything about a language including its history, people, morals, etiquettes, etc because you never know where you will end up after learning the language. 

  • Its modern software offers speech recognition technology that enables learners to speak the right words
  • It offers comprehensive grammar tutorials for a better understanding of topics
  • You can claim your money back within 20 days if you don’t like the training
  • It lacks in providing advanced level English language modules
  • You may find some content repetitive


Memrise - language learning software

As its name suggests, Memrise helps you memorize complex English grammar topics with its simple yet effective flashcard approach.

It is a language learning platform that is available on both mobile and website.

The best part about learning a language with Memrise is that it provides you with content based on real-life situations. 

You can find comprehensive sets of videos from native speakers along with in-depth informational audio recordings that you can hear from anywhere at any time.

This way, you can be surrounded by the language that you are currently learning. 

Memrise is available on IOS and android devices. Also, it is free for most of its content, though you need to be a premium subscriber to get access to some advanced level content. 

This platform is using revolutionized techniques to make learners understand the topics effortlessly. The flashcard technique is one of them.

In this technique, the learner gets a digital flashcard on which one side the learner finds the content in his language, and on the other side, he finds the same content written in the language (English) that he is learning. 

However, we would not recommend any beginner to enroll for its paid version. 

  • Its free version has everything for you (in case you have just started learning the English language)
  • It makes you practice more actively recalling to learn things efficiently and fast
  • Besides the English language, you can also get other languages
  • Its user interface is not user-friendly
  • You may find some things are repetitively explained
  • It focuses more on learning vocabulary

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone

It is one of the most prominent language learning software that you can use to enhance your English language skills.

It is an expert program for everyone looking to learn a new language online. Rosetta Stone uses an amazingly easy user interface for a well-structured, precise, and effective mobile learning system. 

You can use this platform to understand the English language from its basic fundamental level.

Invest your learning time wisely with Rosetta Stone’s regular learning program, which will help you write, read or speak English effortlessly. 

Its software is designed with the modern method of teaching with a combination of visual, text, and sound by increasing the level of difficulty systematically to balance the growth of its users.

This composite method of learning helps learners to understand vocabulary and grammar easily and intuitively. 

Unlike other English learning platforms, Rosetta Stone provides you TruAccent Technology.

With the help of this feature, users are allowed to hear words and sentences more precisely, which eventually helps them retain information for a longer time. 

This platform presents complex grammatical topics in a simple and fun-gamified manner. This way, learners understand more through indulging themselves in different learning games and activities.

But do you know about its pros and cons? Let us quickly list them down for you.

  • Provides an amazing user interface to learners
  • It also provides on-demand live teaching sessions
  • All information is available in its Mobile application
  • It is a bit expensive in comparison to other language learning platforms
  • It does not provide the required language translation for the learning language

Rocket Languages

Rocket language - language learning software

Rocket Languages software teaches you complex grammatical terminologies easily and effectively.

This application delivers a lot more information through audio than the traditional English Grammar book delivers through text. 

This platform is designed in such a way that it has simplified the method of delivering information like vocabulary, grammar, and phrases. 

Besides learning the grammar and sentence structures, you would also gain a lot of insights into the culture of the language (English) you are learning.

Once you start practicing with Rocket Languages, you will feel that you are learning more words, phrases, and grammar through listening to audio conversations. Isn’t it fascinating?

You can find Rocket Languages on both desktop and mobile devices.

This platform follows the same traditional way of teaching, although we found a few revolutionary things such as the audio conversations to make learners understand complex topics. 

If you are willing to improve your English language skills, Rocket Languages is the right platform for you.

Because it has everything that a beginner requires. You can skip it in case you are an advanced learner (as stated earlier).

Now, listing down below its pros and cons, so that you could get a clear picture of this platform. 

  • You can find native English-speaking instructors on this platform
  • It enables users to take a trial before enrolling in the course
  • Rocket Languages delivers amazing value by providing a 60-days money-back policy
  • You will be motivated on every level due to its incentive learning technique
  • It does not provide the required value to advanced learners
  • You will not get any assessment task to track your progress
  • It lacks writing and reading modules, which is indeed a drawback



Pimsleur is one of the most prominent language learning software for those who are either starting with the English language or having a hard time shifting from a beginner to an intermediate. 

This platform is especially right for beginners due to its extensive in-depth English learning modules.

Once you start learning with Pimsleur, you would not require to have any other course due to its precise and in-depth teaching techniques.

The programs on Pimsleur are split into 30-minutes segments. During these thirty minutes, you would learn various new concepts that you will be utilizing in your future assignments. So, this is how the program is diversified.

You would get a reasonable amount of gap between sessions. This spaced learning will help you grasp more information and subsequently lead to better and longer retention.

Pimsleur focuses more on building a richer and efficient vocabulary. Don’t take it like “it doesn’t focus on other aspects.” 

Although it has a wide range of features because of which one can choose for learning English, it has some flaws too. For your convenience, we have mentioned its pros and cons in a listed format. 

  • The user interface of this platform is quite handy and easy to navigate
  • It supports learning language practically more than just theoretically
  • The spaced learning feature can help retain information in your brain for a longer time
  • It helps you speak more. When you speak more, you will eventually become fluent in English
  • The grammar portion is not explained thoroughly
  • It offers a limited vocabulary, leading to repetitive learning
  • You can feel a bit awkward with the content it has on its platform


Ultimately, all these language learning software has the expertise to make you understand the any language in easy manner.

Some applications may have good content for beginners, while others have suitable course structures for advanced learners. 

So, before enrolling yourself in any of this language learning software, you should see which software fits your language preference.

If the answer is ‘Yes’, move forward. Otherwise, there are another 6 applications on the list, check them out.

Also, some applications provide you with a limited time to test the platform before you make any payment to them.

This is an opportunity for you to find the right application for you, which will help you achieve your learning goals. If you have made a plan to learn the English language, this is the right opportunity for you. 

Although we have tried to share the best insights with you regarding your query, the final decision will depend upon you.

You can read this article again to get a clearer view of which would be the right choice for you. 

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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