8 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes (100% Genuine)

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, we’re pretty much sure you’ve tried every possible way but failed to get organic likes on your Facebook account.

After all, getting organic likes on any social media platform isn’t a child’s play! You have to keep at it for months and years to see desired results. But every business on social media can’t afford such a long time. 

That’s why the shortcut way to get likes and boost engagement on your Facebook account is to buy likes. There are many popular sites that deliver Facebook likes to help you grow your online presence. 

And in this list, we’ve picked the best sites to buy Facebook likes that provide authentic and real likes (without using any bots).

8 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes (100% Authentic & Real)

1. StormLikes

If your goal is to become a well-reputed brand on Facebook, the first thing you’ll need to do is have millions of likes on your posts, videos, and comments. 

Thankfully, there are sites like StormLikes available that can grow your Facebook account and win over your audience. StormLikes claims to provide you 100% real likes for Facebook that will help you experience a massive boost in engagement. 

Instead of purchasing fake likes from bots, StormLikes guarantees you to deliver likes from authentic accounts that will continuously engage with your posts on Facebook. Since the site offers genuine likes, you can keep yourself free from the worry of getting banned or shut down by Facebook in the long run. 

The best part about StormLikes is that they keep the purchasing process simple. All you need to do is select a package, make your Facebook account public, and then connect with the platform to see in what posts or videos you want more likes. 

Moreover, the customer support team of StormLikes is a bonus on the list. They really care about their customers and always try to provide superior services. No matter what issue you are facing, you can reach out to their team any time of the day. 

StormLikes have kept its pricing affordable as well. If you wish to get 100 Facebook post likes with guaranteed instant delivery, you have to pay less than $2. Their 200 post likes package will cost you $4.49. 

2. Famoid

Famoid is one of the best alternatives to Stormlikes. Be it your Facebook fan page or posts, Famoid can help you get high-quality likes that will bring tangible results. 

To purchase likes from this site, you have to go to their website and choose from their wide range of services. For instance, you can choose between Facebook followers or automatic likes. 

Famoid makes sure that your account doesn’t get blocked by Facebook; that’s why they won’t give you likes all at once; instead, you’ll receive them gradually on your page. Be it Posts or videos. 

If you’re worried about safety and security while purchasing likes, Famoid should be your ultimate choice. The site doesn’t ask you to submit any password for registration. And once the registration is complete, engaging likes will be delivered to your feed within a few minutes. 

Famoid steals the deal with their expert, 24/7 customer support team, apart from all these great features. After receiving the likes or during the purchase process, their team will help you immediately if you face any problem. 

Last but not least, you can also purchase Instagram followers, TikTok views, and YouTube subscribers all from this one single platform.

Famoid’s Facebook fan page likes package starts from $28.95 for 250-page likes. And, 100 posts likes on Facebook will cost you around $12.95. 

3. Viralyft


Another favorite in our list of best sites to buy Facebook likes is Viralyft. If you want to impress your followers with thousands of likes and high engagement on your posts, consider this site. 

Viralyft claims to be legit and authentic with their Facebook likes service. They offer high-quality likes with fast delivery at an affordable price. Also, they claim to provide likes from only real and active accounts. 

With this site, you can reach your true potential on Facebook by getting high exposure. But probably the best thing about Viralyft is their secured payment gateway. 

Viralyft doesn’t need a password for signup like any other sites on this list. All you have to give is your Facebook page URL and make it open to all countries and demographics. You can complete the checkout process securely with their SSL encrypted payment gateway. 

However, Viralyft doesn’t give you any free trials to check its effectiveness. So, you have to purchase their services to check their authenticity. 

Viralyft has competitive pricing packages. You can get top-quality 500 likes delivered within 24-72 hours for $18.00. You can also opt for higher packages to get more likes on your posts.  

4. SocialPros


SocialPros is another one of the powerful, tried & tested sites to buy Facebook likes. Using this site, you can easily boost your page or posts likes and stand out on Facebook. 

With SocialPros social media services, you can reduce the effort and time you invest in engaging with your audience. SocialPros will help you get engagement from the right people while you can focus on other important things like content and hashtags. 

SocialPros’s purchasing process is quite simple. Just select a package, type your username or Facebook URL and wait for the delivery. Once you’ve made the payment, they’ll deliver you the likes within 1-4 hrs. 

If you’re worried about whether the payment and checkout process is safe or not, then relax! There’s absolutely no risk with their services. 

SocialPros uses encrypted, and SSL-secured gateways to make sure all payments are processed safely. The site will never store any of your private information and will maintain your account’s credibility. 

And the best part is you can even buy their services with Crypto. SocialPros have affiliations with reputed e-currency platforms, so you can easily purchase Facebook likes through cryptocurrencies without a hassle. 

In case you face any problem during checkout or haven’t received the likes, SocialPros live chat support is open for you 24/7. 

Lastly, SocialPros offers a variety of packages at different prices. Starting at $5.99, you can purchase 100 Facebook post likes. And for $10.00, you’ll get 250 Facebook page likes. The most expensive package is $349.00 for 20,000 Facebook page likes. 

5. GetViral

GetViral - best sites to buy Facebook likes

Next on our list of the best sites to purchase Facebook likes is GetViral. This site will help you get viral on Facebook by providing the right exposure. If you’re not convinced, below, we’ve mentioned more reasons why GetViral deserves to be on this list.

When you purchase likes from any site, ensure that those likes reflect on every past post. If you get likes only on the first few posts, the Facebook algorithm won’t favor your page. 

This is where GetViral comes in. It helps you get consistent likes that genuinely build your online reputation and maintain credibility on Facebook. 

Another great feature of GetViral is their targeted likes option. The site doesn’t provide you likes just for the sake of engagement. They understand how crucial it is to get likes from genuinely interested people in your content. 

That’s why the platform provides you with likes from targeted accounts that are interested in your brand and products. So, with GetViral, after purchasing likes, you can turn them into leads and boost your brand’s financial growth as well. 

Also, GetViral’s expert team makes sure your posts get organic growth on Facebook. They make sure the posts you’re uploading are visible on your followers as well as other people’s feeds. 

GetViral serves a worldwide audience, so when it comes to customer support, they’re available 24/7 to everyone. You can also connect with them through their live chat box, 

What’s more? This site claims to provide the best user experience. They’ve designed their website with simple designs. So, you won’t have any trouble navigating the site and making the purchase. 

All these great features of GetViral will cost you $17.00 for 500 likes. If you want a more expensive plan, go with the $349.99 plan for 20,000 Facebook likes.  

6. Social Packages

Social Packages - best place to purchase facebook likes

If you’re looking to increase your Facebook posts’ likes, your search ends here. At Social Packages, you’ll get expert solutions, real likers, and endless customer support to grow your account. 

Social Package promises to deliver you authentic likes to help you promote your fan page or posts. Like other sites in this list, Social Package offers every social media service. You can select from the wide range of Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitter growth packages. 

Social Package claims to deliver premium quality likes with fast service. Once you place an order, this site will start working on your order within a few hours. 

When it comes to the payment method, on Social Package you can stay tension free. They’ve made their website secure with SSL certification. That means no third party can steal your private information and card details. 

Like most sites, Social Package promises to support their customers 24/7. You can also use their live chat feature to contact them for any queries. 

However, the site doesn’t guarantee you “like retention.” Like Famoid or GetViral, Social Package doesn’t claim to retain your likes after purchasing. 

Social Package has competitive pricing plans. To get started, you can try the 250 facebook page likes plan at just $10.00. 

7. ViewsExpert


If you’re not getting the desired result despite posting quality content on Facebook, it’s time to buy likes from one of the best marketing and promotion service providers like ViewsExpert.

ViewsExpert has a variety of packages in every budget for everyone. From Facebook likes and followers to YouTube subscribers and views, the site has everything to level up your social media game. 

ViewsExpert focuses on high-quality likes from real and active users when it comes to Facebook likes. They promise to deliver you the likes immediately after the payment completion. 

They also care about your safety and security and provide an SSL encrypted payment gateway like most sites on this list. 

Also, ViewsExpert has an expert marketing team that makes sure you get the best user experience and doesn’t come across spam or bots. 

The expert team at ViewsExpert understands that social media can be a difficult place to be; that’s why they’ve opened their customer support service 24/7. 

ViewsExpert is one of the most affordable options to buy Facebook Likes. You can buy 500 likes from Viewsexpert at $13.00. 

8. SocialRush

SocialRush - best sites to buy facebook likes

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, SocialRush works as a growth magnate to promote all your social media accounts at once. 

SocialRush promises on their website; that they’ll deliver you premium quality Facebook likes with fast delivery. They also guarantee that the likes they provide are from real accounts, so you don’t have to worry about fake likes and bots. 

One thing every marketing and promoting service offers perfectly is 24/7 customer support, and SocialRush is no exception. If you have any queries about the purchasing process or face any issues while checkout, contact them to get help. 

SocialRush does a good job with security and safety as well. They won’t store any sensitive information, so you can complete the purchasing process securely. 

To get started with SocialRush, you can try out the $17.00 plan for 500 likes. You can even go with their expensive plan of $349.99 for 20,000 Facebook likes.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best sites to buy Facebook likes efficiently.

Getting tons of likes on your Facebook page or posts shouldn’t take years. You can always boost your engagement by buying likes from genuine sites.

Most of the sites we’ve mentioned here are tried and tested. So, you can be assured that all mentioned sites are legit and bring noticeable results. 

However, nothing can match your own research. So, before buying Facebook likes from any of the listed sites, make sure to research all the necessary information to clear up any confusion. 

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