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What Does ISO Mean on Facebook? (Explained)

What does ISO mean on Facebook?

If you’re hunting for this answer, this post is for you.

Facebook, once a leading social media platform, has been overshadowed by newer and more famous platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others.

Although Facebook’s popularity has diminished over time, it still has one of the largest online marketplaces and user bases on the entire internet.

It’s an excellent platform for small and medium businesses to promote their business.

And a great place to connect with your friends and family members. 

Since every social media platform now uses acronyms, it’s no surprise that you’ll also find many acronyms used on Facebook these days.

One of them is “ISO,” and if you see this acronym on someone’s Facebook post and don’t know its meaning, you are on the right page. 

In this post, we’ll explain what does ISO mean on Facebook and in what context you can use this acronym.

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook

If we talk about the meaning of ISO on Facebook, then it simply stands for “In Search Of.” 

Since the attention span of an average social media user is relatively short, people prefer using shorthand texts, slang, and social media acronyms. 

That is why people are using acronyms like ISO to convey their message in a short amount of time. 

When to Use The Word “ISO” on Facebook?

Based on your conversation or post, you can use ISO for the following cases:

  • If you are talking to someone for the first time, you can send them a message reading, “ISO a good friend to hangout? Will you be interested in taking this further?,” or you can use it to ask someone for a query “I am ISO a pet fish? Can you tell me any local pet stores where I can find a good one?”
  • In a professional setting, if you are posting a job ad on Facebook, you can simply type “ISO professional copywriter? Experienced people, kindly send a DM.”
  • If you are searching for something on the Facebook Marketplace or on Facebook, you can simply create a post reading, “ISO of a secondhand car! Kindly help”

The bottom line is that you can use it anywhere to replace the words “In Search Of,” as it saves time and makes the sentence short.

Is There Any Other Meaning of “ISO”?

On Facebook, ISO might just mean In Search Of, but if we talk about outside Facebook, ISO can have some other meanings as well:

  • ISO can also mean In Support Of” on various social media platforms. For example, “I am ISO the Me Too Moment!”
  • ISO also stands for “International Organization for Standardization”, and ISO is most commonly used to denote this acronym.
  • ISO can also refer to the light sensitivity setting of a camera’s sensor. In the photography world, ISO plays a vital role in taking photos.

Some Other Popular Social Media Acronyms Used on Facebook

Using social media acronyms, slang, and shorthand text is now part of the social culture as it reduces time and effort in typing. 

That is one of the reasons why people prefer using social media acronyms. 

Here are some other commonly used social media acronyms on Facebook:

  • TBH: It denotes, To Be Honest, and people use it when they are expressing some honest feelings about something. For example, TBH, I don’t like that kid. 
  • AMA: It denotes, Ask Me Anything. People use it when they want to do a Q&A session on Facebook. 
  • IDK: It stands for I don’t know and it is pretty self-explanatory. 
  • WDYM: It stands for What Do You Mean, and people use it when they want to ask the meaning of a text sent to them. 

Just like that, there are countless social media acronyms used on Facebook by GenZ and young audiences.


So we hope now you know what does ISO mean on Facebook.

ISO simply stands for “In Search Of,” and people often use it on Facebook when they are looking for something. 

It’s a quick and easy way to ask for assistance and receive helpful responses from the Facebook community.

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