9 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes in 2024 (Legit And Safe)

No matter how often the world has told you not to think about vanity metrics, numbers are important! 

After all, your audience will judge your content with the number of likes you receive on them. More Instagram likes equal credibility and engagement. 

But getting likes isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if it’s organic. 

This is where buying likes on Instagram comes to the rescue. 

Buying likes for your Instagram posts can help you boost engagement. Hence you’ll get a good chance to appear in Instagram’s Explore tab. 

And for this reason, in this article, we will tell you about the 9 best sites to buy Instagram likes. These sites will help you get high-quality likes from reliable sellers at affordable prices. 

So, check out all the sites to decide which one will help you get the likes you deserve. 

1. 👑 Famoid (Best for Price/Performance and Trustiness)

Famoid - Best website to buy instagram likes

If you’re tired of getting low engagement on your Instagram posts, Famoid is the right pick. The site is popular among influencers for its quick and high-quality service. 

All of the likes Famoid delivers are from real, active accounts and not from bots! Once you use their services, the transaction starts and finishes within a few seconds. 

Most users love Famoid because of its focus on organic interaction. That means even after a transaction; accounts may continue to like your Instagram posts. 

According to Famoid, ordering Insta likes from them can increase Instagram visibility on Instagram’s Explore Page by about 80%.  

Famoid cares about your privacy too. Your essential information like email address, user name, and phone number are never shared with third parties. Also, the site uses a user-friendly interface, so the checkout process on Famoid is easy and secure,  

Instant likes, higher engagement rates, and competitive pricing are the most crucial reasons to choose this site to buy Instagram likes. To stay on top of your social media game, check out their other services, like buying followers or likes for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

2. Twicsy

Twicsy - Best site to buy Instagram likes

In algorithms reign, getting organic reach is not so simple. So, if earning likes from your followers seems harder than ever, Twicsy is the best choice for you. 

Twicsy offers high-quality, premium Instagram likes from real accounts with just a few clicks. 

With the ability to deliver instant high-quality likes and increase engagement, Twicsy has been voted the best site to buy Instagram likes by the US Mag, Men’s Journal, and LA Mag. 

The best part is, Twicsy claims to frequently evaluate online trends to make sure you get a worthy investment. Instagram accounts of all sizes can use Twicsy’s service with ease. You only need an email address, username, and basic business information to access the service. 

With years (since 2011) of experience, Twicsy is designed to serve Instagram influencers and small businesses for better Instagram reach.

In terms of safety and privacy, Twicsy does a stellar job. The site requires no sensitive information and is 100% legal to use. 

If you don’t get your likes delivered within 24 hours, their customer support team is available 24×7 to help you. 

Twicsy is fast, safe, and reliable to use. The site offers a wide range of high-quality and premium packages. You can always check out their website to gather more information about their services.  

3. Buzzoid


What makes Buzzoid stand out among the best sites to buy Instagram likes?  

Well, it helps you get likes from people in your audience category. That means, instead of bots, you’ll get likes from real people who’ll help you build a strong network with each like. High-quality likes from a real account ensure you stay ahead of your engagement game and beat the Instagram algorithm.  

With Buzzoid’s Premium likes package, you’ll get access to instant delivery, the option to split like on multiple posts, video views, and high engagement. 

The only information you need to access Buzzoid’s service is your Instagram username and information about which post you want to receive likes. The site will never ask you for a password or any sensitive information.

The best part about this site is they offer guaranteed service. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of Instagram Likes, they have a guaranteed refund policy. Moreover, Buzzoid extended its services by offering 24/7 customer service. 

Also, Buzzoid’s pricing package is reasonable. Because of high-quality service, La Mag has voted Buzzoid as one of the top-performing Instagram Marketing platforms. 

So, if you want to push your Instagram’s organic reach by buying likes, this site is highly recommended. 

4. GetViral


Next on our list of best sites to buy Instagram likes is GetViral. Whether you want to increase engagement on your Instagram posts or boost followers on Facebook, GetViral is always there with strong support. 

They provide likes from authentic Instagram accounts genuinely interested in your content. The best thing is, Getviral helps you get likes worldwide. Their vast worldwide audience network ensures your post gets maximum reach.

That means, GetViral delivers likes that can bring high engagement and wide exposure. You can quickly expand your visibility and gain more authority with the help of GetViral. 

Also, getting on board with GetViral is a hassle-free task. You only need to select a pricing system on their site to buy likes from real people.

The site is completely secured and doesn’t ask for your private information. Just provide basic information like your email id, user name, or the kind of likes you need, and you’re good to go! 

GetVrial’s range of packages is cost-effective. Instagram users can start with smaller packages like 2.89 USD for 100 likes. 

And, if you’re satisfied with their services, you can move on to bigger packages that can provide more than 25000 likes. 

5. Viralyft


Viralyft checks all the boxes when choosing the best sites for buying Instagram likes with high-quality likes, instant delivery, and top-notch customer support. 

Despite being a veteran on this list, Viralyft has been chosen as one of the most popular and affordable tools to buy Instagram likes. 

Your Instagram likes from this site are from real and active users. Moreover, Viralyft ensures you don’t face any risk while processing their services. 

There’s no need to provide sensitive information like passwords during any purchase. Viralyft also provides an SSL-encrypted payment gateway to place your order.

Another thing you’ll love about Viralyft is its pricing strategy. Their services are tailored for every size of business and every type of Instagram account. For starters, they have small packages starting at $2.89. 

Apart from this, we have to mention the site’s user experience. The site has a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that’ll help you choose the right package according to your needs. 

6. Stormlikes


If your Instagram marketing strategy has taken a backseat, you can try out Stormlikes. This is another great social media marketing service designed to help you purchase likes and followers. 

With Stormlikes, you can easily purchase as little as 50 likes to 50000 quality likes. The site guarantees to enhance your online presence by delivering likes from your target audience. 

What’s more, Stormlikes’s pricing systems are also affordable. You can choose the perfect offer that meets your preferences from their wide range of flexible packages. If you’re lucky, you can get tangible discounts from their sites. 

The site’s interface is also praise-worthy. It’s one of the simplest interfaces you’ll ever stumble upon amongst the other sites mentioned on this list. 

Regarding privacy and safety, Stormlikes is a secure site that never compromises its users’ privacy and violates the rules of Instagram. 

Apart from Instagram likes, this site is famous for offering likes and followers for various social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, etc. 

7. Viewsexpert


Another great website to buy Instagram likes is Viewsexpert. This site is one of the most senior services that has consistently delivered high-quality likes to its customers for years.  

Once you place an order on this site, Viewsexpert will work on delivering your expected result. They use their wide network of websites and ad placements to increase your number of likes. 

Viewsexpert uses safe methods and always makes sure never to put your Instagram account at risk when it comes to safety.

After placing your order, it takes only a few hours to see the results successfully. If any user decides to unlike or unfollow your Instagram content, they have a 30-day re-delivery option for free. 

Coming to customer services, no one can beat Viewsexpert’s customer service. The site has a convenient chatbot that smooths your navigation journey. 

The chatbot can guide you to find the best Instagram-like package and efficiently place an order according to your requirement. 

Not just the chatbot, but their expert customer support team is available 24×7. So if you have any queries regarding the purchasing process, you can contact them anytime. 

8. Plentygram

Plentygram -Best site to buy Instagram likes

Plentygram is another great website that deserves to be on our list of best sites to buy Instagram likes. From Instagram to TikTok, Plentygram can be the top site to enhance your social media marketing.

With this site, you can purchase likes for Instagram photos and videos. You’ll get your post’s same views and likes without extra expense. Also, you can select which of your posts deserves to get the likes.  

Regarding delivery, the site is quicker than anyone on the list. Put your Instagram username, and they’ll handle the rest of the process. 

Plentygram has different package options. For example, in their Popular package, you can get up to 500 likes distributed on 12 Instagram posts. 

On the other hand, with their Diamond package, you’ll get 10000 likes at $79.99 that can be distributed on 12 posts. 

9. Goread.io

Goread.io - Best website to buy instagram likes

If you’re a new influencer hoping to earn some recognition on Instagram, Goread.io is your best friend. 

With Goread.io, you’ll get likes from genuine users, safe access, and excellent service at an affordable price. After all, this site offers the cheapest packages that meet your requirements. 

And, like any other services on this list, Goread.io does a decent job with its customer support. Their professional team provides 24×7 support to answer your questions. 

Goread.io can also help you with automatic likes. Each time you’ll post something new on Instagram, they’ll deliver you likes instantly without a hassle. All you have to do is subscribe to their monthly pricing package. 


Before wrapping up, remember buying Instagram likes isn’t a difficult task. But choosing the right platform can be a little confusing. 

That’s why before choosing the best site to buy Instagram likes, make sure to:

  • Review their ratings and credibility.
  • Look for their privacy and safety policies.
  • Check out if their pricing fits your budget.
  • Check the ease of use. 

However, if you’re still unsure which sites are best in the market, check out our list. We’ve mentioned all the reputable sites to buy likes on Instagram. 

Thousands of influencers and businesses trust these sites. So, you can easily choose one according to your preference. 

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