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How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone [2022]

How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone

Back in the day, when smartphones weren't a thing, Bluetooth was used to send and receive files from one phone to another.  Then smartphones came, which made the process faster.  And ...

How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat [2022]

How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun app to share all your daily moments with your friends and family members.  The part that makes it even more exciting is that you can take photos and videos with tons of ...

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram [2022]

how to pin a comment on instagram

Let’s assume you use Instagram to promote your online coaching business. So, you post something related to your online class.  One of your students saw the post and commented, mentioning how ...

How to Unmatch Someone on Tinder (Guide)

How to unmatch someone on Tinder

People use Tinder worldwide to meet new people and have some romantic spark in their life.  Getting a match on Tinder means that you can start talking to the matched person and exchange your ...

How to Undo And Redo on Mac (Step-By-Step Guide)

Editor choice How to Undo And Redo on Mac

Shifting from Windows to macOS or just starting a computer journey with macOS can be a bit different for many users.  The keyboard functions and layout on Macs are a bit different. If you ...

8 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes (100% Genuine)

Best sites to buy facebook likes

If you've stumbled upon this post, we're pretty much sure you've tried every possible way but failed to get organic likes on your Facebook account. After all, getting organic likes on any social ...

11 Best Apps to Learn Spanish For Beginners (2022)

best apps to learn spanish

Learning a language is never an easy task.  And if you are a working professional or too busy with other things, it becomes super challenging to practice a language daily. However, if ...

How to Disconnect iPhone From Mac (Ultimate Guide)

How to disconnect iphone from mac

Apple gives you a continuity feature, and by using it, you can easily switch between your Apple devices such as iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch easily.  With this feature, your Apple ...

7 Best Period Tracking Apps of 2022 (Free & Premium)

Editor choice Best period tracking apps

"When was my last period?" The likelihood of knowing the answer to this question is next to zero!  Because every woman has a different cycle, and there are more than a hundred reasons to ...

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